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Natural History

Traditionally part of the Greater Gondwana ecoregion based on the former continent Gondwana.

After splitting off from Gondwana, Australia was joined with Antarctica.

When the K-T Event occurred, most of the non-avian dinosaurs were wiped out. Not so in Antarctica and Australia. Australia is the continent most densely populated with dinosaurs out of any continent, and also has other living fossils like the giant amphibians, and pterosaurs (who once flew).

Human History

Not settled until relatively modern times.





There are several species of Australian penguins. All of them fly, and vary whether they dwell over the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocena, or inner bay.

Dinosaurs survive throughout the continent.

Pterosaurs are now mainly flightless, often diving into the seas and bays of Australia, or taking refuge in the forests or mountains.

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