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dźǐf̃ó (/dʑʱɨ˦˩˨.f̃o˨˦/) [river mouth] This city is Kódù speaking, as well any other urban settlements in the river valley. The first city state of the world. First and most advanced cultures/states would probably be in this area, comparable ones elsewhere would probably emerge later. The first city for when we reach the bronze age, and the first city of the world. Since central Seforma was discussed as being the ideal breeding ground for the urban revolution, this is the first city that exceeds 10,000 people, having roughly 14,000 inhabitants at the time when we start doing history. It is found at the river delta of central Seforma, which is comparable to the Nile delta of our time, with great fertile land for agriculture and the first urban settlements being formed. Compare to cities like Uruk to visualize the situation.


History of the world
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Early History

History of Originalia: Originalia

History of Seforma: Seforma


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