Proto-Blaiti language

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Region Seforma
Language family
  • Proto-Blaiti

Tri-vowel system i ɯ a, with vowel length distinction, word-final consonants can have modal voice, creaky voice, or breathy voice, diphthongs ɯi and ai, p b t d k g ɬ x m tɬ l j; syllabic structure (P)(F)(l/j)V(:/V)(C); polysynthetic, in speech not much distinction between present and past actions, animacy hierarchy, no distinction between singular and plural in first and second-person pronouns, rudimentary sign language developed alongside spoken language; river - [ja:li], man - [tɬa'gi:], a migration - ['pxi:npaimʱ], sandstone - ['bɬlɯpɯi]

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