Proto-Sazāzasōj language

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Region Originalia
Language family
  • Proto-Sazāzasōj


consonants (in their IPA characters) z s m b p l n d t x (written kh) ɣ (written gh) g k j, vowels a i o u ɔ (vowel length indicated with a macron ¯); syllabic structure (C)V(: )(j), final -j only occurs at the end of words; animacy hierarchy distinguishing inanimate objects, animals, plants, concepts, and humans, quite inflecting, distinguishing several levels of proximity, realis, and evidence, as well as being a zero-copula language; fish - zīsubɔj, mountain - ōjuna, man (in the sense of person) - āzaj, warrior - imāzapu, hair (countless) - mosɔza

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