Proto-Efeip language

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Region Seforma
Language family
  • Proto-Efeip

Labial, velar, and uvular pulmonic consonants, but the only dental consonant is the click |, vowels e o i u and schwa; syllabic structure (C)V(V)(C), words must end in a consonant other than |, diphthongs between e and i are fine and diphthongs between o and u are fine, but no diphthongs between vowels of the same height (ie e & o and i & u); basic word order agent-patient-object-verb, primarily head-initial, grammatical gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) marked with prefixes, four levels of proximity in third-person pronoun (proximal, immediate, distal, invisible), verbs conjugate with subject suffixes, objects are marked with an infix -k(V)- placed just before the final consonant where V is the first vowel of the word, there is no numeral system; long - [iɴim], other - [|oup], ear - [əm], plantain - [ɣifibχeŋ], some - [moub]

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